Is it time to build your dream home or remodel an outdated kitchen or bathroom in your home? You may be asking yourself, where do I begin? Inspiration, that’s what you need. In regards to any bathroom or kitchen I prefer to start with the stone or some kind of inspiring detail that brings a sense of color and design to the overall direction. In the kitchen it may seem to be the last element to decide because it is one of the last elements to install but that can limit you in your overall direction. Planning a kitchen or bathroom should be done in its entirety before any final selections or construction begins. A global design sense is important to establish early on.
There are many different forms of countertops that we are seeing in the market today from concrete to wood to various composite materials. I am choosing to narrow our discussion to stone and quartz which are by far the most commonly used materials for most kitchens and bathrooms today.
Selecting stone can be a wonderful experience filled with awe of how the earth has created such amazing patterns and colors. Some stone is filled with motion and movement, other stones have a small detail to their formation. This process of selection is very personal in terms of what you will enjoy seeing for many years to come. I like to think of it as the artwork in the room, and you should always choose what feels the best to you. What makes you feel like you are………………
Quartz countertops have made a huge impact over the last decade. Quartz is a manmade synthetic material and is known for its simplicity and to the people that choose quarts that is very pleasing. The soft design or simple movement can be so beautiful when used in conjunction with other materials.

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